Mosaic Codes

Mosaic Codes

David Phillip Oster produced software under the name Mosaic Codes during the 1980's and 1990's.

For more information about what David Oster is doing now, and for support of Mosaic Codes products, go to TurboZen

Humor here.

Learning C++ class material. In 2017, Isaac asked me to teach a C++ class. Handouts here.

On a personal note, I found an old "Dazey Donut Factory" donut maker, and a Google search failed to reveal any recipes for it. I asked everyone who had already asked, and received a nice reply. Here are the recipes on a page that will be indexed by Google: Dazey Donut Factory Recipes.

I'm very happy with the daycare that took care of my son when we were living in Berkeley, CA. Here is a review of Higher Reach Learning Center

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