Learning C++

Lesson 3


Assigment: Based on your 'hello world', write a progam to get a line of input, so you can type your name, then have it output the text 'hello ' followed by your name from the line it just got.

and yes, I did not discuss this in class.

Lesson 4


Assigment: Based on wc.cpp, write a progam to convert its input to pig latin.

Asedbay onay c.ppway, riteway ay rogampay otay onvertcay itay inputay otay igpay atinlay.

Extra credit: given input in pig latin, output standard English.

Past Lessons

Lesson 2

Handouts for lesson 2.

C++ is, in many ways, a superset of C. So, when you read C++, you'll often find many C'isms. This lesson is on the part of C that you'll need to know as a C++ programmer.

The C cheatsheet here borrows strongly from this C cheatsheet.